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Mortgage Check Up Time!

The new year is a great time to review and evaluate your home financing.  Especially if you purchased a home in the last 12 months or you have a rate of 6.5% or above! Interest rates have recently dropped and there are some excited new programs available. Whether you’re looking to tap into some of

What a long, strange trip it’s been!

So true. It’s been a year and a half with these higher mortgage rates. The end is in sight, finally. The Fed is very close to putting a halt to raising rates. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Home Builders Association all predict mortgage rates to dip into the 5s next year. Usually with higher

Summer 2022

Summer 2022 The Federal Reserve continued their fight against inflation and possible recession last week by increasing rates another 75 bps. This affects things like HELOCs, Credit Card APRs, Auto Loans and personal loan. Over the last few months, we’ve seen mortgage rates jump into the high 5’s and, in some cases, 6.0%.  As we

Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Hi Everyone!  Spring is here, COVID is hiding, war in Ukraine and rates are higher.  Sounds like the beginning of an updated We Didn’t Start the Fire!  Yes, fixed rates are in the mid 4s but will they go up more? We have all heard that the Fed will increase their rates another

What Does it Take to Get Pre Approved?

What Does it Take to Get Pre Approved? Especially in this market, it is important that you – the borrower(s)- have your mortgage financing plan in place. A Pre Approval accomplishes two things: confidence while shopping for a home knowing it’s something you can afford and, second, your potential offer is stronger when submitted with

Credit Score: Don’t Pay To Fix It!

Credit Score: Don’t Pay To Fix It! Credit Scores are always a point of concern when it comes time to get pre-approved. If there is one thing to absolutely never do:  pay a company to “fix your credit score.”  It is not possible to change or erase true information from your credit report no matter