What Does it Take to Get Pre Approved?

Especially in this market, it is important that you – the borrower(s)- have your mortgage financing plan in place. A Pre Approval accomplishes two things: confidence while shopping for a home knowing it’s something you can afford and, second, your potential offer is stronger when submitted with a pre approval from a local mortgage broker, like us!

Often it only takes a 5-10 minute phone call to review basic information such as income, assets, debts and credit. Other pieces of information we like to go over are your plans and goals as a home owner. Is this a forever home? Are you a first time home buyer? What monthly payment range is comfortable?  In order to complete the pre approval, we’ll review your recent paystubs, job history, W2s or 1099s, bank statements, and credit report. With information we are able to put together a scenario that gives you peace of mind as a borrower. After all, buying a house is one of, if not, the biggest financial decisions made in your life. Why not keep it as stress free as possible?! There’s no cost or obligation and credit inquires for mortgage financing don’t hurt your score.