Find a Great Agent

As technology grows in the housing industry, so does the need for real estate agents, with the two working in conjunction with each other rather than against each other, Chris Heller, CEO of Keller Williams, explained in an interview after an earnings release. “Even with more technology and a stronger market, we are seeing fewer people doing it on their own,” Heller said. “Buyers and sellers still need advice and interpretation of the data that is available to them, and they still need that expert guiding them through the transaction.” Due to the emergence of technology, the role of a real estate agent changed, but definitely is not going away.

The National Association of Realtors® noted in a survey last year that even though the Internet is a top source of where Millennials found their home, they still used an agent to purchase their home. And for those potential buyers unsure of whether they would use a real estate agent or not, Heller said his advice to the industry would be, regardless of whether it’s his sister or a stranger, “find a great agent to help you. A great agent will save you more time and energy than they could possibly cost you.”

After you are pre-qualified, we have a host of wonderful agents we can refer you to and help close the deal on your dream home!