How do I get started?

Whether or not you have a house picked out, we can still go over the necessary information and get you pre-approved. You don’t even need to be working with a realtor!  You may have a home in mind, a sales price, monthly payment, or just curious about what you can afford. We can help you with all the above!

You’ll just need to gather some documentation. Think “the rule of two:”

     -2 most recent W2’s

     -2 most recent pay stubs

     -2 most recent tax returns (commission or salary)

     -2 most recent bank statements

Also, if you would like to find out your credit score, we can pull a full credit report at no charge.  

After going over this information and answering a few additional questions we’ll be able to put your worries to rest and help make the home buying process easy, worry free, and enjoyable.


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